New decals from Little Big Men

Little Big Men Studios have added several new sheets of historical shield decals to their online store.

10mm Hoplite decals

10mm Hoplite decals

From their website:

Just added some new transfers to the site. I have done 2 new Auxiliary sheets for the Wargames Foundry Early Imperial Roman range, plus 4 new Legionary sheets as well. Also added some new Gripping Beast Late Roman sheets and also altered some of the Carthaginian round Hoplon designs. Just added some 10mm Hoplite sheets to the 10mm category.

This was a request from a customer so I wont be dong various sized 10mm hoplite transfers, these will be the only sheets. They are 0.5cm in diameter so should work on most 10mm hoplites. I have done 2 mixed sheets of 50 each. One of the sheets even has battle damage on it! And one sheet of Spartan transfers of 50 designs per sheet. Will be adding the first of my 28mm Napoleonic Sabretache sheets I have been working on to the site shortly.