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New decal-sets from CitadelSix Custom Design

CitadelSix is here to save your caffeine hands with more historical decal sets available over on their website.

From the update:

Two Lancastrian Livery Badges sets:
- Rye & Winchelsea (Cinque Ports) Militia. Product code H28-WRLIS31
- City of Canterbury Militia. Product code H28-WRLIS32

Eight Yorkist Livery Badges sets:
- Sir Thomas Bourght (Borough) of Gainsborough. Product code H28-WRYIS33
- Sir John Middleton of Belsay Castle.
Product code H28-WRYIS34
- Sir Henry Neville of Heversham.
Product code H28-WRYIS35
- Sir William Stanley of Holt. Product code H28-WRYIS36
- Sir Thomas Talbot of Bershall. Product code H28-WRYIS37
- Sir John de la Pole, 2nd EARL of SUFFOLK. Product code H28-WRYIS38
- Sirs Edward & George Neville of Birling, 1st & 2nd Lords Abergavenny.
Product code H28-WRYIS39
- Sir Robert Ogle, Lord Ogle. Product code H28-WRYIS40
Price: £3.00 / set.

One Yorkist Banners & Standard set:
- Sir John Neville, MARQUIS of MONTAGUE. Product code H28-WRYVS06
Price: £4.00 / set.

New 28mm Historic Hundred Years War decal-sets:
Three English Mounted Knights sets:
- Product code H28-HYWES01
- Product code H28-HYWES02
- Product code H28-HYWES04

Four French Mounted Knights sets:
- Product code H28-HYWFS01
- Product code H28-HYWFS02
- Product code H28-HYWFS03
- Product code H28-HYWFS04
Price: £5.00 / set