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New Dead Man's Hand Undertaker's Shop and 4Ground Furniture sets from Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games has a new Undertaker's Shop as well as some new furniture sets available over in their shop.
I'd have to put a sign on mine that says "Rigor O'Mortis, the Smiling Undertaker."
Name that cartoon.


From the announcement:

Brand new for the Dead Man's Hand range of pre-painted buildings is the Undertaker's.

This is the most extravagant DMH building to date. The building pictured has had nothing added except for the PVA/wood glue used during construction of the kit. This corner building comes with sub base C and its boardwalk decking enabling it to fit seamlessly along the boardwalk on ‘the corner of main street. These bases may be modelled into a gaming board permanently, allowing you to create a realistically modelled gaming area but still allowing flexibility with the placement of buildings.
As a feature building with large shop windows it also has glass (acetate) shop windows with painted advertising of his trade. All doors (exterior and internal) are pin hinged and this building has an internal staircase.

Also released is the range of pre-painted furniture sets for various wargaming periods. 4Ground's pre-painted "Furniture and Belongings" are particularly useful when giving your buildings that lived in (or once lived in) look. These items may be used as furnishings or improvised barricades; streets and Western buildings look so much more appealing with furniture and belongings strategically placed! This range will grow and they are usable for many different periods.

It's not "dolls' house" stuff as long as you have armed men in close proximity...