New D&D Attack Wing previews posted

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 22nd, 2014

WizKids is working on a new Attack Wing game based on Dungeons & Dragons. They’ve got some new photos up of the Green Dragon model.
I honestly can’t wait for this.

Green Dragon


From the preview:

Check out the new D&D and Tyranny of Dragons minis coming soon from WizKids!

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  • Soulfinger

    Like Danny Glover, maybe I’m just “getting too old for this sh*t.” More PPP D&D miniatures . . . woopety-doo! If it had been a resin flumph or just a cardboard standup of an old David A. Trampier Monster Manual illustration, I’d be psyched, but I haven’t truly been thrilled about a dragon figure since the days of Grenadier and Ral Partha (not that there haven’t been some great ones).

    Whereas 3rd edition D&D recaptured my sense of wonder and tapped into the zeitgeist of the previous editions (at least initially), everything since feels more like a regurgitation, pre-digested for people who’ve never read Moorecock, Lieber, or even Howard. The contemporary imagery and concepts all seem to be based on the things that were inspired by the things that were based on AD&D, which for me is kind of like getting Twilight fan fiction when I’d been expecting Bram Stoker. It makes these sort of releases seem trivial, just another dragon, because nothing these past few years lives up to what the iconic imagery of the older editions inspired inside of my imagination.

    • I figured out the perfect gift for you. A dinner date with Christopher Paolini and his parents.

    • Smokestack

      Soulfinger… your excitement for this project is infectious. I admit that I kind of already liked the D&D attack wing, but after your glowing praise I feel I must get them all!

      No, I get your point. It’s not new. There are already a billion dragons, and even a billion prepainted dragons specifically for D&D. But… I still think this will be fun. It will be a great side hobby my son and I can casually collect… Break out on a random Sunday and play a couple games… It doesn’t hurt that I can use the same miniatures to kill the players in my pathfinder game… I don’t think there will ever be “too many dragons”… Now do they look as good as Mierce… no, do they even look as good as Reaper bones… no… but they require zero work and are most likely durable enough to withstand my son and my nephews…

      The price is a bit high, but not outrageously so…

  • KelRiever

    Remember, painting miniatures isn’t part of the hobby of painted miniatures any more. It is all about the game, which was written on a napkin in a restaurant with a lot of ‘that would be effin awesomesauce!’ comments along the way. That’s why I like my figures made of cheap ass rubber plastic with thick mold lines offered only in collector boxes so I have to buy 3 times minimum the stuff I need to play.

    I call that fun!

    • Smokestack

      Kel, to be fair I don’t think “pre-painted miniatures” were ever part of the “hobby of painted miniatures”. They are related but definitely a different beast altogether.

      When it comes down to it… Its just a toy. It might not be the toy for you though. So the great thing about toys is if you don’t like them don’t get them. Please understand that I am not saying you shouldn’t express your opinion though. I agree that the game probably wont be great, the miniatures wont be great quality, and the price is expensive… But being able to mash up some dragons straight out of a box whether its with my son, or half a bottle deep with my friends on a Friday night sounds like fun to me. I had to laugh at the last part though as I am one of the suckers that paid (way too much) for the D&D collectors dragon box… I love the minis but they were not worth the price…

    • -DE-

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      Believe it or not, but there are tons of people out there who aren’t interested in hand-painting their models but enjoy seeing them on the table. Have you heard of painting studios? Do you have anything against folks that use their services too?

      For the record, I’ve been a hardcore miniature collector and a decent painter for years and yet have lately turned to pre-paints, for a very simple reason – modern miniatures have become too detailed for me and I prefer the simplicity of “rubber” pre-paints, this includes gashapon. I don’t find enjoyment in spending hours on a single miniature just because some dude decided it would be fun to put tiny swirls on every flat surface. Pre-paints also eliminate the need for priming the models.

  • surprize

    Lets keep perspective that this is wizkids. Comparing the dross they churn out with painting studios is a bit disingenuous. It’s like looking at some indecipherable swirl your 2 year old has painted at playgroup while someone accuses you of not liking fine art.

  • elril

    Feel free to criticize the quality of the models or the artistry of the models. I am going to go out on a ledge here and say you guys aren’t the target audience so your criticism is worth exactly what it cost to post. What I do know is that WoTC is owned by a toy company and my kids would love to have these and play with these and I wouldn’t have to worry about them destroying my carefully painted miniatures.

  • The problem here, Soulfinger, is that the target audience is not us old geezers, but the up-coming rapscallions in their teens who don’t have the dramatic backdrop or OD&D, or even AD&D like we do.

    However, your post did entertain me. 😀

    • Soulfinger

      I can dig that. Funny thing though is that I had a chance to sit in on a couple games with a group of teenagers. Surprisingly enough, they were playing 2nd edition AD&D, which some of them had gotten into through playing with a father or uncle. Not just that, but rolling 3d6 for attributes and enjoying the accomplishments of statistically mediocre heroes. I think the breakdown for tastes is the same as it was when we were young.

  • KelRiever

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    • -DE-

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    • KelRiever

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      • KelRiever

        Anyway, the point I was making was that, self-identification aside, there are better toys out there to play with for kids, than rubber collectable miniatures.

  • Henrix

    Being an old fart and D&D grognard I cannot see what the Otiluke the complaints are about.
    I love nice minis, and I have a mountain of painted and another of unpainted lead to prove it – but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with other games.

    This is a board game about dragons and stuff flying around.
    A decade ago it would have had some sort of paper chits representing the units – now they use plastic figures, just like Memoir ’44 or Descent.