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New D&D Accessories from Gale Force Nine

Gale Force Nine has some new D&D accessories like status tokens and a DM screen now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

The GF9 range of licenced Dungeon and Dragons accessories is growing with the addition of a new DM Screen and set of Character Tokens!

This screen has been specifically built with the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module in mind. One side boasts evocative artwork from the adventure, while the other displays helpful charts, maps and character illustrations for quick reference.

The Character Token set is designed to allow players to easily, and quickly, track their character’s status effects. If your character is frightened, paralyzed or unconscious your allies will be able to see at a glance that you are in need of help. Because all of our full-colour tokens are made of durable perspex they are wet-erasable, so you can write additional information straight onto them.

The combat tile provides a place for player’s to keep a running total of constantly changing statistics like character health and resources, all without dirtying your character sheet with eraser marks.

D&D Character Token Set
1x Combat Tile
20x Tokens