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New Data Trails Sourcebook for ShadowRun Available

Greetings Program! I always did like the idea of going into a computer, into the internet and just flying around inside of it. Movies like Tron and Lawnmower Man (don't laugh. I liked that movie) and TV shows like Futurama (where they go into the internet) have always been fascinating to me. I'm hoping that we get to that point sometime relatively soon. Well, the latest sourcebook for Shadowrun is right up my alley, since Catalyst Game Labs takes you to the Matrix with their new Data Trails sourcebook.

This book is chock full of new options for deckers and technomancers. There's new qualities, programs, gear, and more. There's also plenty of background information on hacker culture, and tales of the strange and hidden-away sections of the net. Don't worry, all you players who don't get quite the jolt of excitement that I do from such game styles. There's rules for translating your skills and abilities to the "net world" as well.

You can either get the .pdf of the book now, or put in your pre-order for the print version.