New Dark Sword previews and stock

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted new previews as well as sending an update on some books they are now stocking.

From their announcement:

We have a very large Dark Sword site update this week.

First up we have five new sneak peek sculpts from Mr. Jeff Grace for you all to check out.

1. Easley Masterworks – Female Bard
2. Visions in Fantasy – Male High Elf Warrior
3. Visions in Fantasy – Male Dwarf Fighter
4. Visions in Fantasy – Male Dual Wield Assassin
5. Visions in Fantasy Special Edition – Male Fallen Angel

These are all already master molded and off to our painters for painting up.

Next up we have a ton of new painted pictures posted up on our newer releases. Some very cool paintjobs for you to check out. And finally, we have three new painting resources/tools for you to check out that we are now stocking:

1. Cool Mini or Not (CMON) Painting Secrets with Natalya (Alexi Z) Tutorial DVD set that has 4 DVDs in it and clocks in well over 13 hours. Natalya Melnik is the winner of two Golden Demon Slayer Swords, countless Golden Demons and most recently the 2010 Privateer Press Grand Master Painter. I have posted some of her painted miniature pictures on the DVD page on our site so you can see some examples of her work.  This is a perfect addition to the Hot Lead 3 DVD set and is designed to help take intermediate painters to very advanced levels by watching Alexi Z work her magic on a number of miniatures in the DVD set.

2. Cool Mini or Not (CMON) 2008 Annual – The CoolMiniOrNot Annual is a 134 page full color, hard cover volume containing some of the best miniatures submitted to CoolMiniOrNot in 2008, printed in all their high resolution glory! Measuring 11.2″ x 8.5″ and about a half inch thick, this matt covered, foil stamped beauty showcases all the amazing talent the world has to offer.

Dark Sword is stocking this CMON Annual because a painter can never have enough inspirational materials of amazing painted miniatures to draw from. I personally go out of my way to accumulate all types of magazines and painting guides for my own personal reference library. An amazing hard cover book like this is something that will be used for years as inspirational material and look great on your book shelf as well.

3. Game Forces Magazine # 18 – English Edition. The latest issue of Game Forces Magazine English Edition. This particular issue has 15 different painting articles in it. These magazines are for sure wonderful instructional/inspirational material that painters enjoy and thrive on.

All of the above three items are here, in stock and ready for shipping out. They also make great holiday gifts for your friends in the miniature painting community.

Things have been very busy in the Dark Sword camp as of late. Jeff Easley was in town staying with me for four weekends in row while he was up here in MN at the MN Ren Faire. We stayed up late into the nights working on new Dark Sword concepts. The Easley Female Bard is one of those concepts that Jeff Grace dropped everything to work on. We have all sorts of goodies including a male adventuring Monk all concepted up and ready to go due to requests from Gen Con on this type of miniature. He looks really cool…And some really cool looking wizards as well are on deck…

We have a bunch of new Dave Summers and a couple new Jason Wiebe sculpts on deck for posting up in the weeks ahead along with four new Tom Meier sculpts for the GRRM Masterworks line. So we have been busy busy busy this fall!

Swing by the site, check out the new miniature goodness and of course enjoy all the eye candy.