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New Dark Sword Miniatures releases posted

Dark Sword Miniatures has a bunch of new releases available over in their webshop. Cute, tentacled releases...


From the release:

Things have been super busy here at Dark Sword HQ as we get ready for Gen Con Indy in August.

We have 12 brand new miniature releases that are now here and ready for shipping out around the world. In these new releases we have assorted Anthropomorphic Critter miniatures, including two tribute pieces and a couple other really cool sculpts including a huge Orc King.
In addition, the brand new Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jessica Rich DVD Tutorial Set is here and ready for shipping out around the world as well. Per numerous requests - we even have two purchasing options this time around:

1. The Standard 6 Disc Set DVD version 2. An Online Exclusive Deluxe 6 Disc Set DVD version that includes the Standard 6 Disc Set DVD version along with the seven main pewter miniatures that Jessica demonstrates on for the bulk of the modules. This online exclusive deluxe version has been requested numerous times so we went ahead and put together a specially priced package for it for those folks that want to follow along with Jessica using the exact miniatures she is using.

This is a massive 6 DVD set clocking in at just over 20 hours.

So swing on by the Dark Sword site and check out all the new goodies and painted miniatures by Jessica Rich and Michael Proctor.