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New Dark Angels Codex and Chaplain Up for Order from Games Workshop

I like green. It's my favorite color. A nice dark green of an ivy leaf after a morning storm... *wistful sigh*
Wait, what happened? I floated away there for a moment.
Anyway, back when I played 40k, my two factions were Orks and Dark Angels (so I didn't have to keep track of as many pots of paint). Well, Dark Angels have a new codex up for order as well as an Interrogator-Chaplain in their webshop.

The codex comes in at one hundred and sixty pages. That's quite hefty a page count for an army book. There's a detailed history of their history along with all the rules you need to play them as a fighting force.
There's comprehensive force list as well as three new detachments, with new tactical objectives, and warlord traits and relics specifically for the chapter.

As for the Interrogator-Chaplain, the mini comes in at 10 pieces. The model is armed with a Crozius Arcanum and a Power Fist (for justice!).