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New Dark Age Releases Posted for Gen Con

On Friday, CMON posted up their new board game releases they'll have at Gen Con, but what about Dark Age, their post-apocalyptic sci-fi skirmish game? Well, you'll be glad you asked when you look at the giant list of new releases that will be at the show. Like their previous book release for the Outcasts, the new expansion focuses on one faction. This time, it's the Forsaken. What new figures are in store with the release of this new book? Oh, I think you'll be happy with the answer.

There's your Forsaken new releases. But if you don't play Forsaken, don't lose hope. Several non-Forsaken pre-releases will be available as well.

A special note should be added that the figures photographed above aren't the only releases, in total. Some figures just don't have pictures yet, but they'll be at the show, too.