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New Dark Age Releases Posted

CMON expands their Dark Age line with new Forsaken releases. There's 8 new skus to check out, including resculpts of the Brutes. They've also gotten a restock on Outcast books, in case you missed your chance previously. No foolin', get your new models now!
Check them out below the cut.

From the release:

New Releases for Dark Age and a Restock on Dark Age: Outcasts!

The Repentant (2)
Blood Abomination (1)
Caravan Keeper (1)
Thornwind (2)
Brute Resculpt #1 (1)
Brute Resculpt #2 (1)
Brute Resculpt #3 (1)
Brute Pusher Resculpt (1)
Dark Age: Outcasts Book

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!