New Dark Age releases

Dark Age Games have released several new Outcast miniatures for their Dark Age sci-fi skirmish game.

From their website:

Couldn’t make it to Gencon? Well no worries the Dark Age miniatures that were available at Gencon are now available for purchase at But hurry they are in limited quantities until the general release in October.

We proudly present more additions to the Outcast line.

DAG5404 – Mongo (1) – USD $24.99
Mongo carries two massive cinder blocks to smash his opponents into the harsh Samarian soil. The perfect centerpiece to any Outcast Force.

DAG5405 – Wasteland Warriors (3) USD $19.99
Scavengers of the battlefield, Wasteland Warriors can kit bash their weaponry and armor to withstand the greatest of adversaries this harsh world has to offer.

DAG3029 – Jon Woe(1) $9.99
Last Year’s Immortal winner: Jon Woe, Herald of the Heretic
Following up from last years Immortal winner we present Jon Woe, a Warwind turned Grafter. He works for any Skarrd tribe sowing the seeds of deception for Johann to take over all of the Skarrd.