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New Dark Age buildings available at Warlord Games

Warlord Games have added new Dark Age buildings from Architects of War to their online store. Dark Age building From their announcement:
The latest offerings from our pals at Architects of War are these splendid new Dark Age A-frame buildings. These superb buildings have a host of uses and as you can see from the photos below will beautifully adorn your gaming table. Built in areas where wood was plentiful, it would not only be found in parts of Great Britain, but in the heavy forested areas of a continent like Norway and the home of the Franks. These lovingly crafted buildings will enhance your battlefield and don't forget the Architects of War line has a large number of terrain pieces ideally suited to supporting these Dark Ages buildings - such as the ploughed field, pig sty, dung heap, etc. You can pick all of these piece up from us at Warlord games and also have it shipped free of charge during July no matter where in the world you are.