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New Dalek and Cybermen Sets Available to Order For Doctor Who from Warlord Games

The Doctor has his work cut out for him. Daleks and Cybermen are constantly threatening not just the here and now, but the far away and far off in time. On the minis table, you'll be able to flood the board with new figures representing these gleaming, metallic threats. There's three new sets available to order from Warlord Games.

From the announcements:

Davros & the New Dalek Empire features twelve easy-build plastic Dalek miniatures and an exclusive metal miniature of Davros, creator of the Daleks. New recruitment cards allow the player to add other iconic Dalek units to their faction such as the mysterious cult of Skaro and the powerful warriors of the Emperor’s Guard.

Missy & the Cybermen gives you twelve easy-build plastic Cyberman miniatures and an exclusive metal miniature of Missy – the latest incarnation of the renegade Time Lord, the Master. In addition, new Recruitment and Adventure cards allow the Cyberman faction to upgrade their weapons and armour, move at time-distorting quicksilver pace or cyber-convert opponents into new warriors for your faction.

The Cybermen, eternally popular (and very persistent!) villains, are second only to the Daleks in people’s minds when they think of classic Doctor Who monsters. Our latest release, to mark 50 years since their first on screen appearance, is a 10 figure pack featuring the key designs from over the decades.

Davros & The New Dalek Empire Source
Missy & The Cybermen Source
Nightmares in Silver – Cybermen Collector’s Set Source