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New Daemons Available to Pre-Order from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has started taking names of those of you gamers that want their new Daemons that they've got coming out for Warhammer. Be the first one on your block with them when they are released.

From the announcement:

To earn the ire of a Daemon is to sign your own death warrant. Gruesome warriors and fiends all, each of the entities that make up their ranks is a fragment of its patron god given form. They are as immortal as time itself and as powerful as the roiling emotions they embody...

Ready to pre-order today are ghoulish treats for all collectors of both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer miniatures. Chaos Daemons, also known as Daemons of Chaos in the Warhammer world, receive a host of mind-bogglingly brilliant new miniatures in plastic and Citadel Finecast, as well as a new Codex and Army Book, both of which come in a limited edition format.