New D6 Generation podcast released

The latest episode of The D6 Generation podcast is now available.

From their announcement:

In Episode 54 we bring you games for all ages, Blue Oyster Cult, Peter Lipton, and even a singing muppet.

Up first the D6G team reviews five games that just about anyone of any age can enjoy. Great for getting the kids in your life to the table. Russ, Craig, and Raef discuss Sorry Sliders, The Black Pirate, Fish Eat Fish, Pengoloo, and Jungle Treasure in detail.

Meanwhile Total Fan Girl has scored an interview with Eric Bloom, the lead singer of Blue Oyster Cult.. Turns out he’s a gamer.

Finally, back by popular demand (or at least that’s what Hollywood tells us) Peter Lipton returns with “Inside the Podcasting Studio” and asks Raef, Russ, and Craig the questions everyone wants to know. (er again, that’s what Raef tells us)