New D6 Generation podcast posted

The latest episode of the D6 Generation podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Cryptology, patents, Warmachine Mk 2 and even the CIA all get discussed this episode. Yep, we’re not sure how that happened either.

First up, patents: how do they work and why do you need them? We had such a great response to our show about Trademarks we asked Romeo from Battlefoam to come on and talk about the how’s and why’s of patenting something like a fancy pants laser system to cut foam.

Later Total Fan Girl chats with Elonka Dunin, a world renown expert on cryptology who has done work for the CIA. But more importantly, she’s a gamer.

Finally, the D6G team takes a hard look at Warmachine Mark 2. The book has been out a couple months now, Force books are on the streets, and the boys have played more than a few games. Is it everything we hoped for?

Oh, and listen close to the beginning of the show for news about a new product from our friends at Lone Wolf Development.