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New Cyborg Statis Tomb from LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard has a new, massive center-piece terrain feature available over in their webshop. It's usable in several configurations. It's the Cyborg Stasis Tomb.


From the release:

The cyborg statis tomb sits as a lynchpin in the defence network of the cyborgs. It serves as a fortress, a data processing centre, a repair depot and an energy source.
This is a new type of kit for LaserCutCard because it is modular. It comes with four basic components:
- 4 x corner pieces
- 1 x tower
- 1 x central octagon
- 1 crystal matrix
You can assemble them all together for one big model (the statis tomb)
You can leave out the central octagon to make a cyborg bastion.
You can leave off the top tower and make a landing pad for your other vehicles (and the tower can be a separate piece of terrain)
It has mounting points for 5mm x 1mm magnets (NOT INCLUDED) which can be used to help it clip together.
The model is large but the components are stackable to save space when not in use.
It comes unpainted and unassembled and is U$32.50