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New Custom Blackwater Gulch Dice

Gangfight Games has some new custom Blackwater Gulch dice up now on their website. Everyone loves dice.


From the announcement:

We had special, custom dice made up for both of our Kickstarter campaigns. They went over so well that Game Salute has decided to release a permanent Blackwater Gulch dice pack! They feature the same crossed Colt 45?s found on the Rebels & Reinforcements dice, but with a different color blue. These are much more sparkly!

Game Salute is still getting the new starter sets and solo figures ready for retail release, and expect to have them available “in the new year” .. these dice should be released along with the new models in a pack of 6. I’m not sure what the retail price will be, but you will know as soon as I know!

Hope ya like em!