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New Cultists available from went out and recruited some more cultists and now they're available to you.

From the announcement: have expanded another of thier popular ranges of figures!

HOF90 Cultist Holy Guard

Cultists serve their masters and none more so than the Holy Guard who are given elite status in the ranks of the Cult. They act as the elite infantry of any cult in their robes and with masks over their faces ready to deal death to all with their long barrelled projectile weapons.

This pack contains ten 15mm miniatures taken from three poses of human cultists in robes and masks armed with projectile weapons.

HOF91 Cultist Speeders

Coming in several pieces the Cultist Speeder gives the cult some more mobility and style too. Wickedly fast and often poorly maintained, speeders are used to drive hard in to the enemies of the cult with raking attacks before heading back to the body of the foot soldiers. Great for use with Cultist Infantry and Holy Guard for a fuller force.

This pack contains TWO vehicle kits. The Cultist Speeder comes in three parts, the body of the speeder, its handle bars and its flying stand. The stand van be mounted in two directions for level or nose up flight poses.