New Critical Mass releases

Critical Mass Games have announced several new 15mm sci-fi miniature releases.

The Freakshow

From their website:

2010 is fast drawing to a close with so as a last hurrah to this year we have today released the first of the Praesentia Miniatures, 2 packs of Praesentia Enlightened. These will be followed up next month with the Praesentia Phase Shifters. Keep you eyes on the forums for more Praesentia Previews. In addition to this the Mercenaries are also revisited this month with two new releases.

The first is MERC11 – Merc Fighters 2, aka “The Freakshow” and adds yet more random low lifes with guns to populated the galaxy. The second Mercenary packed released this month is MERC12 – Protolene Merc Fighters. These beautiful miniatures will drop in nicely as commanders for regular Protolene forces or add in some extra character to your own band of misfits.

Finally we have an unadvertised surprise release in the form of a new objective, the ARC Fleet comms Tower. Designed by John Bear Ross this model has been waiting in the wings for some time and is now for sale. You can find it in the accessories section of the store priced £8.00.
All thats left to say is Merry Christmas from the Critical Mass Games Team, and wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.