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New Crabmen up for pre-order from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming is taking down names of those that want their new Crabmen as soon as they're released. Be the first gamer on your block with these models when they're available.

From the announcement:

The first figure range show their head in our ‘The Cabinet’ range are now available to buy on our special Buyer Power Pre-Order system.

The Crabmen are here – not got a better name for them yet - and depending on the total number of packs order by everyone, you can save up to 30% on your pre-order ! They are perfect for 28mm sci-fi/pulp/fantasy gaming and can even be used as large and super large monsters in 15mm!

The little guys come in packs of 5 and start at £7.50 per pack but can drop as low as £5.25!

The big resin chap comes in a pack of 1 model and starts at £7.00 per pack but can drop as low as £4.90

Check out the special pre-order page on our website for details and get your order in.