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New Corporate Ashigaru at has some new releases for you corporate types. Who knew corporate wars could get so armed?


From them to you:

Today is a grand day in the future alternate history of the Cyber Diamyo as releases a load more miniatures into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range. Corporate Ashigaru in the form of a second trooper pack, a command pack, a support weapon pack and a personalities pack as well as a platoon code for those wanting a little of everything. These are a must have for all Cyberpunk fans in 15mm scale and unique in the world of 15mm miniatures.

HOF22 Corporate Ashigaru Personalities
HOF23 Corporate Ashigaru Troopers II
HOF24 Corporate Ashigaru Support
HOF25 Corporate Ashigaru Leaders
HOF76 Corporate Ashigaru Troopers
HOFP01 Corporate Ashigaru Platoon

Lots to see and read. Click through for more. Thanks for Reading.