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New Conspiracy X Kickstarter Stretch Goals announced

Conspiracy X is almost at 3x their funding goal with still 16 days to go. They've got some more stretch goals out there to help raise that up a bit.

From the campaign:

If we reach $20,000 in funding for the Conspiracies Sourcebook, we will unlock the final development of the rumored sequel game to Conspiracy X... Extinction.

The world of Extinction is the future, the last quarter of the twenty-first century, in a world where human ingenuity and alien technology have blended to produce a unique whole. It is also a world at war, beset by the Saurians, aliens who claim to be the rightful heirs to the planet. Humanity, which had been on the verge of creating an interplanetary civilization, has been forced into a struggle where survival is the ultimate goal. And secret conspiracies that have haunted the world for centuries are still affecting the entire world.

Players in this world will assume the role of defenders and watchers, of warriors, secret agents, and freedom fighters. They can bring the battle to the enemy directly as members of the Aegis Strike Teams, where enhanced soldiers, psychics and other unique individuals collaborate to disrupt the Saurians’ plans. They can work for the real Aegis, the hundred and twenty-year old organization that still conducts a secret war against alien infiltrators and other inhuman threats, or for less covert government organizations like the FBI. Or they can assume the role of normal twenty-first century citizens who must fight the aliens occupying their lands.

This is the world of 2070. This is the world of Extinction.

All Kickstarter backers of $15 or more will get in on the closed Alpha-test! The Extinction Corebook will have its own Kickstarter at a later date to help fund the games final production (with a release of 2013).