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New Command Bunker and Trench terrain pieces available from Urban Construct

Urban Construct helps keep your little mans safe from the enemy little mans with their new Command Bunker and Trenches terrain pieces.

From the release:

This new addition to our 28mm resin trench range can be used in 3 basic ways. As a WW1 dug-out, a WW2 or 40k command bunker, or as a fallout shelter. It comprises our weapons position model with a separate roof and support.

During WW1 dug-outs provided shelter for resting troops and cover during bombardment. They branched off the trenches and were constructed from corrugated iron sheets with earth. This model represents a mud covered tin roof and also details the supporting logs. Another of our recent releases has been a 90o bend which can be used for WW1 trenches.

During WW2, trenches were often used to connect bunkers, gun pits and firing positions. This model can be used as a command bunker with a firing/observation gap . A separate concrete style model supports the roof so there is a gap above the sandbags.

This could also be used as a command bunker for 40k. The roof can be raised to 50mm to fit figures with swords etc... Or it could be used as a personnel bunker, for example by both sides in the Hurtgen Forest.

Without the roof it can be used as a weapons pit and can accommodate mortars, howitzers or even an 88mm gun.

As a fallout shelter the earth covering will not burn in the conflagration and the roof will protect you from a nuclear blast (provided you’re not closer than 10km). In the post-apocalyptic era this model can be used as a base for a gang.

See more details and photos on our website.