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New Cobblestone Bases & More Available From Voodooworx

Voodooworx has released some new cobblestone bases (of basically any size) as well as some new display plinths and new display base donutz (that's how they spell them).

From the release:

I've just uploaded my new round lip Cobblestone bases to the website. I am also working on square and round bevel edge versions of these, which I'll be releasing over the next few weeks as I finished them.

In this release:
30mm Cobblestone Round Lip Bases (10 Pack)
40mm Cobblestone Round Lip Bases (5 Pack)
6 x Individual 50mm Cobblestone Round Lip Bases
120mm Cobblestone Round Lip Base 1
120mm Cobblestone Round Lip Base 2

I also recently added three new cylinder plinths and the first of my new 'Base Donutz' range. if you create display bases for your squad or regiment competition entries, my Base Donutz will allow you to quickly create the recesses to place your miniatures in. There are magnetised versions available too. More sizes are on their way.