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New CMON Painting Contest

Steampunk DorothyCoolMiniOrNot is hosting a new painting competition using the AUSCON Steampunk Dorothy figure. From their announcement:
Many of you that were lucky enough to attend AUSCON might have gotten your hands on one of these beauties. For those of you that missed out, don't worry, we managed to get some for the CMON store. Sculpted by Sebastian, owner of Guild of Harmony aka automaton on CMON, ranked an unbelievable #10! and this has to be his best sculpt to date! Apparently, this is the first in a range of miniatures that we will release for each AUSCON event following a steampunk bent starting with Dorothy and continuing along the Wizards of OZ theme. Dorothy is 32mm and cast in resin, a medium of choice for finely detailed miniatures.
Dorothy will be used as our June painting contest miniature. CMON will be offering prizes for the winners and selected participants. 1st Place: $250 CMON On-line store credit 2nd Place: $150 CMON On-line store credit 3rd Place: $100 CMON On-line store credit Contest Rules: 1) You can enter as many times as you like, but all the pictures of your entries must be hosted on CMON's server. External links are no longer accepted for competition purposes. 2) Conversions, scenic bases and dioramas are welcomed. 3) When submitting your entry, make sure you follow the instruction video on the contest page. CMON Contest 25 - AUSCON Steampunk Dorothy Entry closing date: 30 June 2011 Voting closing date: 15 July 2011