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New CMON Expo 2017 Update Posted

We finish off the week's posts like we will for many Fridays for the next several months: a CMON Expo Update. As usual, it's a triple-threat with three new bits of information. This time around there's an update about registration, and the first guest and event announcements.

In terms of registration, that's a bit of a clarification. That is, you are able to buy passes for just individual days or just the weekend, which doesn't normally come with the "swag bag" for the show (those come free with the full event pass). But, if you'd like to get a swag bag, you can purchase one for a small, additional fee. Well, some people had been purchasing more bags than they were badges. That wasn't quite what was intended. As such, there's a bit of clarification about that, as well as letting people know that they will be reimbursed back for the cost at the show. You'll still get your one bag, but extras won't be given out.

Ok, that bit of bookkeeping out of the way, let's get to the guest announcement. Fel Barros will once again be at the show. He's a Senior Developer with CMON and will be there to play some of his games (and some of the games he hasn't made) with you at the show.

Finally, the Frankenfest event line is once more making an appearance at the show. This one's titled Ghost of Frankenfest and will once more encourage you to be as creative as possible with all manner of random bits and pieces from different models. What will you create?