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New clear acrylic stands available from AntiMatter Games

AntiMatter Games has new clear acrylic stands for DeepWars.

From the release:

We finally have the new acrylic swim stands for DeepWars coming out in June and available for pre-order. The stands allow for a visual representation of swimming in DeepWars, holding models about two inches off the playing surface. Depth levels in the game are indicated with numbers on the base of the stand, where a seaweed marker can be inserted. The stands use a sturdy cross-piece design that is easy to assemble, holding the model bases firmly on the upper tray so they will not topple out. Swim stands are available for all three base sizes (30,40,50mm) and in packs for the Deluxe Starter Sets for each force.

Orders that include the swim stands with other products will ship out once the stands are ready to go.