New Claustrophobia scenario posted

Asmodee have posted a new scenario, The Hunts Afoot, for their Claustrophobia boardgame.

From their website:

To gain a vital advantage over the demonicforces, the humans created a special artifact:the Saint Naos Force Condenser. It is a bizarre mix of optics, mechanics and faith;although co mpletely experimental, its presence could very well strengthen the human ranks. However, the troglodytes, in an unusual stroke of audacity, stole the artifact. It is made up of three parts kept in chests. A team of warriors was immediately dispatched to chase down the thieves!

Arriving under New Jerusalem, the warriors realized that the demons are well organized and barely had time to dive for cover before then entrance collapsed in an explosion… The Saint Naos will have to be brought back through another exit… which will have to be found…

The hunt is on, and the hunters are sometimes also the prey.