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New Clash of Empires army lists available

Great Escape Games have posted two new army lists for their Clash of Empires ancients rules. From their announcement:
Later Carthaginian and Republican Roman army lists are up on the site for you to download. We will be adding more lists before the release of Clash of Empires at Salute on April 16th. The book is full color, hardback and 192 pages. It is priced at £25 GBP, and can be pre-ordered here: Postage is free to the U.K./E.U., and £5 GBP per book to the rest of the world, for a limited time. Shipping will commence w/c 18 April. If you would prefer to collect at Salute, send us an email to Alternatively, contact 1st Corps, Gripping Beast or Magister Militum, as, along with Great Escape Games, they will be the only retailers with Clash of Empires at Salute.