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New Citizens of Mega-City from Warlord Games

Warlord Games knows that there's more than Judges and Criminals in the Mega-Cities of the world (no, really, the criminals have to be criminal to someone, after all). As such, they've come out with two sets of citizens you can add to your Judge Dredd games.
It's some quite interesting headgear these figures are sporting. I need to get me a winged helmet at some point.

From the release:

Mega-City One has a far greater population density than any city in the present-day world. Most city dwellers (citizens) live in huge apartment blocks (50,000+), though many citizens live a perpetually nomadic existence in vehicular mo-pads (mobile homes) due to inadequate housing provisions. Due to the high unemployment rate, boredom is rife among citizens.

A citizen who finds a reason to venture out of his apartment takes care to avoid eye contact with whoever he may meet – juves and punks seem to feel compelled to mug anyone who eyeballs them, and even the most respectable looking neighbour may be a cunningly disguised homicidal maniac.