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New Christmas Deals From Steamforged Games Start December 12th

Steamforged Games is getting ready for the holiday season. They had their big Black Friday sale (which, sadly, they were out of the one LE model I wanted by the time I was able to make my order :( ), but that's not the only sale they have planned for this holiday season. Many of you probably picked up the Kick Off 2-player starter set. Well, now you'll be able to expand on those teams.

So, what's in these packs? Well, it's what is available for the two guilds from the Kick Off set that don't actually come in the set. So, for the Masons, you get Hammer, Chisel, Wrecker, and Veteran Harmony. The Brewers get Esters, Mash, Quaff, and Veteran Spigot. During the sale, Steamforged will also reinstate their 8-player Guild Bundles. As a special gift/surprise/thank you, orders of £100 or more (before shipping) will get a free Mystery Box. What's in it? Well, that'd ruin the mystery!

The sale will start at 08 (GMT) on the 12th and go to 20 (GMT) on the 16th. So you've got this weekend to save your nickels up for the sale.