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New Chicago-inspired minis and terrain available from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Maufacturing continues their deluge of releases with new minis and buildings inspired by my home town, Chicago.
Here's a small sample:

From the release:

And the beat goes on............Blue Moon has just released the first packs in our new The Night Chicago Died range of figures plus a complete Chicago Town. Let you Gangsters try to take over Chicago....if they can. We have 14 chicago buildings that allow you to make an entire town. Let your imagination run wild with these great new buildings. You can play Zombies versus G Men and Gangsters, or even Mars Invasion games...these buildings will work for so many scenarios! All of these buildings accept for the Warehouse were designed from historic photographs of Chicago Buildings that played a significant role in the Chicago Gangster Era.

The Prolicic Blue Moon parade continues! Conservatively estimating, since Cold Wars 2013 Blue Moon has released well over 102 new figure codes which works out to around 700 new sculpts, plus we have released 15 new buildings. You can expect these types of releases to continue from us.

15NCD-01 Gangsters and Molls (30 figures) $15.00
Shown in 2 pictures – 1 the generic Gangsters, the other the Personalities
15NCD-02 G-Men (10 figures) $6.00
15NCD-03 Police Officers (12 figures) $7.00


Clark Street Buildings
15NCD-30 Mrs. Doody's Boarding House $30.00
15NCD-31 Mrs. Orvidson's Boarding House $30.00
15NCD-32 North Clark Street Apartments $40.00
15NCD-33 SMC Cartage Warehouse $20.00
15NCD-34 North Clark Street Store Front $30.00
15NCD-35 O'Bannion's Flower Shop $30.00
15NCD-36 Warehouse $55.00
15NCD-37 Police Station $55.00

Lincoln Ave. Buildings
15NCD-38 National Food Store $30.00
15NCD-39 County Club Dinner $30.00
15NCD-40 Store Front and Billard Hall $30.00
15NCD-41 Biograph Theater $30.00
15NCD-42 Peoria Street Bordello $30.00
15NCD-43 Cooperage Barrel Company $30.00