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New Characters Added to 1-48TACTIC Kickstarter

Baueda is getting down to crunch time for their 1-48TACTIC Kickstarter. They're really close to funding, and they're hoping that adding in a bunch more characters will get them across that finish line. There's 6 new add-ons, total (3 each for the 101st American Airborne and the Germans), to help bulk up your forces.

From the update:

More new characters are now available for 1-48TACTIC: the fastest and most brutal miniatures war game you'll ever experience!!

For the US Army 101st Airborne Division:

Individual miniature
pvt. with M1918A2 BAR

Individual miniature
Marksman with M1903 Springfield

Reinforcements pack: 2 x Individual miniatures
pvt. with M1 Garand + pvt. with M3 grease gun

For the German 26th Volksgrenadier Division:

Individual miniature
Jäger with Stg44

Individual miniature
Gefreiter with Stg44

Reinforcements pack: 2 x Individual miniatures
VG with Kar98k + VG with mp40

These are the last we can realistically fit in!
Please be aware that all additional characters will be ready later than the starter packs. You may obviously have them shipped separately if you so choose...

Just 10 days left to go to get in on the campaign.