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New Character Packs Announced For Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games

The cast of characters in Star Wars is pretty big, both in terms of named characters and just character archetypes. Though they don't have a full background, or even usually a name to go with their face, they're no less iconic to the setting. Well, two of those types of character were just announced as coming out for Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games. They're the Alliance Smuggler and Bantha Raider.

The Alliance Smuggler helps out by being good at stunning enemy models, effectively taking them out of the fight for a while as you reposition your forces for better effect. He can also make "smuggling runs" into your opponent's deployment areas in order to gain additional victory points for your side. As for the Bantha Raider, well, the subtlety and finesse of a smuggler goes out the window when you're riding on something that's a cross between a buffalo and an elephant. Able to simply use the Bantha's bulk to break up enemy formations (with the potential to stomp some Rebels into the dirt along the way), or pick off enemy figures one at a time using the Tusken Raider's rifle, this figure is surprisingly versatile.

Of course, more than just a single mini to add to your collection, each pack has various upgrade cards that are good for more than just the figures in the packs. They also come with a new campaign side mission and two skirmish missions, each. A single purchase can really expand the possibilities of Imperial Assault.