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New Cataphract Sets available from Aventine Miniatures

Aventine Miniatures has several new sets of Cataphract Cavalry miniatures available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Parthian Cataphracts are now available in our store. There are 12 different figures and 15 different cataphract horses. The range will be expanded to include light horse archers and another set of cataphracts more suitable for the Early Sassanid period. The figures are in packs of 3 priced at £9.50 for the troopers, £10.00 for the command and there is a 12 figure unit deal for £34.00. They are 28mm and cast in white metal. The photographs show the figures equipped with Northstar NS102 pikes cut down to approx 65mm, these are not supplied with the figures and have to be purchased separately.