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New Castle Watchtower available from Tabletop Workshop

Tabletop Workshop helps keep your castle safe from invaders with the release of their new castle watchtower terrain piece.

Castle Watchtower


From the release:

We're delighted to announce that the 28mm Round Fortified Tower is now on sale for the price of £30.00 from the Tabletop Workshop Webstore!

The Watchtower is the very first part of the massive upcoming Tabletop Workshop Castle range and is arguably our best bit of scenery yet. Not only is the tower highly detailed on the inside and out but as we're plastic design engineers by trade, we've designed it so that it's absolutely perfect for all aspects of wargaming:

- The texture on each individual piece makes it a simple job to paint .

- Due to the strength of each plastic piece you won't need to wrap it in cotton wool. In fact, the tower is more than capable of surviving all the bumps and thumps associated with transporting it to games night.

- Despite its sheer size and strength, the tower is in fact very light.

-The tower is sold as 3 individual simple frames and is a lot more straight forward to assemble than some of the other brands of wargame scenery. This means that you won't need to spend hours building it!

- Follow our advice on gluing the tower into individual levels and you'll find that it's easy to assemble and disassemble the tower. You'll also be able to position figures inside and use these positions to your advantage during a siege!