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New Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Sets

Forge World is now accepting pre-orders for a series of new Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Sets. Cadian Hostile Environment Command Squad From their announcement:
Supporting the Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Set and Plasma Squad that we recently released are three more detailed upgrade kits, sculpted by Stuart Williamson, for use with the plastic Cadian range: The Cadian Hostile Environment Melta Squad contains enough resin torsos to build three special weapons teams equipped with potent anti-tank melta guns, and is suitable for use with the full range of plastic Cadian kits.
The Cadian Hostile Environment Tank Crew contains three detailed resin tank commander figures, along with various weapon and equipment options. Each Hostile Environment Tank Crewman is suitable for use with the full range of Imperial Guard tanks produced by Forge World and Games Workshop. The third Cadian release in this week’s Newsletter is the Cadian Hostile Environment Command Squad. This full resin set includes five Cadian infantry figures: a power fist-armed Senior Officer, a Guardsman equipped with a melta gun, a vox-operator, and two other Cadians armed with lasguns. The set also contains a scanner. These new Cadian Hostile Environment sets are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing the 28th of March