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New Bushido Previews And Call To Playtest New Game From GCT Studios

A bit of a mixed bag here in this news update from GCT Studios. First off, there's a pair of new Bushido minis to show off. There's one for Prefecture and one for Temple (two factions I play), so that's pretty cool. Though I feel they're a bit overshadowed by the notice that not only is GCT working on a new card game, and not only are they looking for playtesters, but it's also not set in the Jwar Isles like Bushido and Rise of the Kage are. It's a whole new IP.

For Bushido we have the new Takashi Retainer (I remember having to wear a retainer after I got my braces taken off...) and Yuuki. Both of these, I feel, are a "return to form" for the factions. We've gotten some kind of "out there" figures lately, but these seem to go back to the "roots" of the factions. You've got a good, solid, non-unique trooper and a kung-fu monk. Good times.

As for the card game, there's not much info. No word on the name or how it works, exactly. We know it's a post-apocalyptic card game. GCT is looking for people interested in giving it a try via a print-and-play version they'd send you. An interesting note is that the game is for 3-6 players.