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New Bull Centaurs Available To Order From Forge World

It's been a while since Forge World has gone for the Fantasy side of things. Usually, we're getting new Horus Heresy characters or giant robots (not that I mind giant robots, of course). But this time around, they've got something new to order for Age of Sigmar. They've got a new Bull Centaur unit as well as Shar'tor the Executioner character.

Shor'tor the Executioner is a big, bad bull. He's armed with the Darktide Axe, as well as the Hashut's Sacred Mask of the Executioner. Meaning he can kill you by just talking in your general direction. If you want him to have his own herd to run around with, there's a whole unit of Bull Centaurs you can bring along. The unit includes Shar'tor, as well as a Taur'ruk, and a nine Bull Centaur Renders.

All of these can be ordered now, with shipping to start next Friday.