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New Build an Army deals for Italy and France for Bolt Action from Warlord Games

The Bolt Action Summer Campaign has its registration open now. If you want to be part of the worldwide online campaign, go sign up, as well as making sure your friends sign up. Got someone who's interested in Bolt Action but isn't sure where to start? Warlord Games can help with that, too. They have their Build An Army program designed to help you create a force, and then purchase said force from their webshop. You even get a free tank.

Warlord has recently also added the French and Italians to their Build An Army program. And yes, they, too, can get you a free tank if you use the website to purchase a force. Pretty simple. Just use the drop-down menus to make your list, along with your free tank, and boom! It'll be picked, packed, and shipped to you from Warlord's warehouse.