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New Brushfire Green - Valkyr Mk.1

On The Lamb Games are a great group of people and I loved meeting them at GenCon last weekend. Anyway, they've got some exciting things coming up for Brushfire and here's one of 'em. The Valkyr Mk. 1.

From the preview:

Sculpted by Bob Naismith
The first model in the new Mark (Mk.) series of Valkyr, the Mk. 1 brings new gyroscopic and armor technologies into the basic defense unit of the county of Federwerk. Designed to fit the slightly larger height of Rat pilots and with controls within reach of the smaller Shrews, the Valkyr Corps is expanding quickly, as thousands of these clockwork soldiers come off the assembly line. Technology sharing between Vandalands and the Civitan Trade Alliance has instantly seen a boon to the nation, and as new Mk series Valkyr move from the drawing board to the factory, the combat roles of the Valkyr will likely expand.