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New British figures for North Star Africa range

North Star Military Figures have added more 28mm British miniatures to their North Star Africa range. Pioneers From their announcement:
The North Star Africa! range expands with the addition of 8 new riflemen for the British South Africa Company. The BSAC was a volunteer force raised by Cecil Rhodes in 1890 to take over that part of Africa now known as Zimbabwe.  Although designed to be BSAC riflemen, they are dressed in the kind of stout Victorian outdoors gear seen all over the Empire, so can be used for many different scenarios. In addition, we are moulding now the mounted versions, the Major Allan Wilson figure and a vignette pack of the Shangani Patrol's last stand. North Star Africa! are 28mm figures, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Lon will have the North Star Africa! on his Brigade Games stand at Historicon next weekend.