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New Brigade Models Salute update

Brigade Models have posted an update on the products that they will be bringing to Salute 2011. From their announcement:
We'll be carrying a few extra Xmarx items at Salute, including the fantastic Mech Hangar model. These are items we haven't carried so far because we aren't sure how much demand there is for them. We don't have many examples of each, so they won't be going on the web page (unless they're a roaring success of course, in which case we'll add them to our normal list of stocked items) - in particular, we only have one Mech Hangar. Although this is a pricey item at £70, it makes into a fantastic piece for any 6mm gamer. If you want it, get to us early ... We have one last Salute new release update to come in a couple of days, then that'll be it. You have just over two more days to get pre-orders to us - mid-Wednesday is about the last time we'll be able to accept any more orders for the show. Another minor detail concerns credit cards - having inspected our accounts we've decided that the credit card machine is no longer paying its way - the exorbitant fees we have to pay for four shows a year mean that it costs almost as much to have the facility as we take in card sales ! This year although we will continue take cards, we'll process them after the show via our PayPal account. We'll take your card details (we will also need the card address) and explain exactly how this works on the day. However, we would prefer cash or cheques instead if at all possible.