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New Boromite Releases Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares

Well, I got into the office today and it seems that the Boromites are just coming up from out of holes in the ground!
... Though, now that I think about it, that is sort of their M.O. So I really shouldn't be all that surprised.
Still the same, there's four new units released for that faction, along with some new objective markers.

From the releases:

Tractor Mauls are carried by senior and important Boromites – practically as a badge of o?ce. Tractor mauls are practical work tools designed to extend a suspensor ?eld around an object or area and pull it away or aside. They are used for burrowing away at rock or metal, lifting heavy objects, and holding or manipulating other tools or objects.

The mighty Boromite commander leads his retinue with his lance held high! The Lectro lance is an adaptation of the lecto lash type of weapon primarily for Boromite Rock Riders fighting from their tall, silicate mounts.

The lectro lance is essentially a contained lectro energy that can be directed accurately from the back of a Lavamite Rock mount. It uses the same technology as the lectro lash but is designed to deliver a more powerful shock.

The engineers main role will be to make sure the auto workshop is functioning at its highest capacity (which is also included in this bot set!) This is a compact mobile workshop to maintain, repair and sometimes to modify all kinds of nano?based technologies including weaponry, vehicles and other machines. The workshop generates a cloud of constructive nano?drones that can set to work upon damaged or failing machinery instantly, melding with its own structural suspensor integrity drones to diagnose and repair. There are also Vorpal Charges included, more details on those below…

The mag cannon is a single?shot magnetic cannon and a very common weapon in Antarean space. The mag cannon is designed to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity and as such it is a long?barrelled weapon, often with multiple internal rails that generate a single very powerful pulse.

Create your ideal scenario or litter the battlefield with the fallen with the new Antares Objective markers!

Boromites with Tractor Mauls Source
Boromite Rock Riders Overseer Squad Source
Boromite Engineers and Vorpal Charges Source
Boromite Mag Cannon and Heavy Mag Cannon Source
Antares Objective Markers Source