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New Border Fence terrain pieces available from Mechanical Warhorse

Mechanical Warhorse has some new Border Fence terrain pieces available over in their webshop. Keep the enemy bad little mans out!


From the release:

Not all of the walls in the wargaming universe are made of concrete or sandbags. Our border fence is perfect for Sci-fi, Weird War 2, or modern tabletop miniature games. If you’re building a shanty town, ork junkyard, supply base or keeping aliens (bugs or illegal) out the corrugated wall sections and adjustable gate can accommodate your needs.
Once assembled this kit can expand to 64” in length. Fence sections can be assemble with all of the corrugated fence sections to block line of sight or without the middle and/or top sections to allow vehicles and infantry a firing position. The gate section opens and closes allowing vehicles and walkers to move through without taking fence sections down.