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New Book and Army Sets Available To Pre-Order For Konflikt '47

WWII continues to rage on. As the various factions look to see what will finally turn the tide of war, new technology is constantly being brought to the battlefield as factions that've been fighting since the beginning equip new troops and send them to war. Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin Miniatures are bringing these new forces to your battlefields with Resurgence, a new book for Konflikt '47. They also have Japanese and Finnish army sets that you can pre-order.

From the book announcement:

The weird war escalates, each nation is ramping up their arsenal and the Japanese and Finnish have entered the fray in the new Konflikt ’47 expansion book, Resurgence!

A long-awaited arrival for the Konflikt ’47 sees its universe finally expanding as new armies, units, rules and scenarios take centre stage of this book. Also within this book contains many rule amendments to adjust Konflikt ’47 away from first edition Bolt Action to the second, newer edition!

This book is the first supplement for Konflikt ‘47 and aims to develop the original rulebook in a number of different directions. The largest addition is the much anticipated Imperial Japanese Army Lists, but Finnish players will find out what has befallen their country in the latter years of the war as well. We have also taken this opportunity to consolidate the errata and clarifications that have cropped up since the release of the core rulebook.

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