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New Bolt Action WWII British 6 pdr gun

Warlord Games have added a 28mm British 6 pdr gun to their Bolt Action WWII range. British 6 pd From their announcement:
With all the Panzers being released recently the hard-pressed Tommies need something to level the playing field. Good job we’ve got this 6 pdr set then. Our British army crewed six pounder anti tank gun comes with three crew figures, ammunition crates and shells. Of course, it's not just suitable for the British - forces of the Commonwealth can also field this widely used anti-tank gun. The 6 pdr is the perfect complement for our plastic British Infantry. These finely detailed, multi-pose models give you great variety, stacks of options for conversions and all at a great price. As if that wasn't enough we're offering shipping shipping worldwide for any order placed during August...