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New Bolt Action T34/76s and tank riders

Warlord Games announce new vehicles to their line:

From their announcement:

There are few more stirring images in WWII than Soviet soldiers riding on the back of T34 tanks. You can now recreate the massed ranks of the Red Army atop their steel steeds as we re-release our T34/76 tanks and our Soviet tank riders. The hulls have been remastered and the tracks/running gear completely replaced – we know you’ll love the new tanks! As ever there is a free tank commander model included with each vehicle.

Of course, if you have T34s you have to have Soviet tank riders don’t you! Luckily we have a load for you, as seen here painted by the talented Andres Amian Fernandez…

The Soviet Tank Riders pack contains 4 random tank rider models from the selection shown here. Whilst they’ve been designed for use with our T34/76 and T34/85 tanks they’ll also fit onto any vehicle with flat areas or seats. The likes of the Komsomolets tractor , Gaz scout car, Jeep, etc are all prime examples of how these can be used to crew soviet vehicles. With more Soviet vehicles on the way they’ll find even more use…

Don't forget we have great shipping rates - only £1 per order no matter here you live and shipping is free if you order over £50!